Health Professionals

It is highly recommended that the patient request the assistance of a doctor or other health professional. It must be borne in mind, however, that many health professionals are unaware of the existence of the endocrinologist system in our bodies and the possible therapeutic applications of cannabis. This is due, in part, to the fact that this knowledge is relatively recent and also, perhaps, to the prejudices or stigmas that have accompanied the use of the plant for recreational purposes. In any case, this situation is progressively changing as there are numerous specialized publications on this subject. Some associations, such as the OECM (Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis) or the SEIC (Spanish Society of Research on Cannabis), can provide in our country medical cannabis advice to any professional who wants it. Also, the IACM (International Association for Cannabis Medicines) has a very detailed and updated electronic portal about the possible therapeutic uses of cannabis and cannabis.

It is highly advisable to inform the usual specialist doctor of the intention to use cannabis for medicinal purposes so that you can correctly evaluate the patient’s clinical evolution, drug interactions, etc. This is recommended even if the specialist is unaware of the possibility of using cannabis medicinally.

Many associations of medical cannabis patients have a medical service that can issue a certificate to justify, before the authorities, the consumption for medical reasons of preparations of the plant. In turn, this service can act as an interlocutor with the usual doctor who is treating the patient.

Summary Of Recommendations For The Patient

 Before self-medication with cannabis consult a trusted doctor and inform your usual doctor. If it lacks knowledge about the medicinal use of cannabis, download this document and give it to them.

Consulting with your doctor before using medicinal cannabis is especially crucial if you are pregnant or intend to be pregnant and in the case that you suffer from a psychiatric disorder, as well as if you are using cannabis and experience some Worrying side effect. Adolescence is also a period of high vulnerability to the unwanted neurological impact of marijuana.

Remember the existence of therapeutic cabinets in various associations specialized in medicinal cannabis. They are to advise you on your correct treatment with cannabis, for example in routes of administration, doses, compositions, etc.

The medicinal cannabis preparation that you are going to use must have reliable analyzes and certifications on its quality and form, as well as on the absence of toxic products.

Cannabis is a very safe medicine (it is not toxicity, it is not mutagen, and it is not lethal due to overdose …), but apparently, it is not harmless, and it has side effects (especially psychoactive ones) that should be minimized. Be well informed about them before their use, and also consult if there may be contraindications or interactions with your usual medication.